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Who is a Woman

A women is someone who sacrifices her everything, just to support her family like anything.

Guys just remember..

Every men needs a women when his life is a mess, just like the game of chess, the queen protects the king.

Whatever is given to a women, she will make it count..

  • If u give her a house, she will give you a home.
  • If you give her groceries, she will make you a meal.
  • If you give her a smile, she will give you her heart.

She multiples and enlarges what is given to her.

So, if you give her any crap, be ready to receive a ton of rubbish stuff.

Don’t take her kindness for weakness.

The best in her is, sleeping.. Not dead.

Give a women the right shoes, she can conquer the world.

Recall all these when you say women are tougher to handle..

  • Can u carry a 71b baby in your womb for 9 months and survive hours of labor?
  • Can you cook, clean and talk on the phone all the same time?
  • Can you bleed for a week and not die?
  • Can you walk in 5 inch heels?
  • Can you cry all night then wake up in the next day like everything is okay?

Women are helpless only till their nail polish and henna dries..!

It’s hard to be a woman because..

  1. You must think like a men,
  2. Act like a lady,
  3. Look like a young girl and
  4. Work like a horse.

Facts to be known..

  • When a woman is “tripping”, she cares u.
  • When a woman is “mad”, she believed in you and you let her down.
  • When she is asking u “questions”, she is trying to gain clarity.
  • When she is quite and letting things “slide”, she is giving up.
  • And, when she is not doing “any of the above”, just know you lost a good woman.!

Somewhere in between crying for a doll and crying for a person she grows up as a woman. She leaves her home, family and surname to live & support you. Respect her!

So, never fill..

  1. her ears with lies,
  2. her mouth with words,
  3. her eyes with tears,
  4. her mind with confusion and
  5. her heart with pain.

The day you raise your hand to a woman, that’s the day you’re officially no longer a men!

Ladies just remember..

  • Don’t be a queen waiting on a king,be a queen busy with her kingdom until your king arrives.
  • Don’t be a woman that needs men.. Be a woman a man needs!

The woman you were yesterday introduced you to be the woman you are today, which makes you very excited about meeting the woman you will become tomorrow.!

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