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Who is a Mother

Mother – Heart of the Family

Who is a Mother ?  “Unconditional love

In general, a mother is the female parent of a child. But, what mom means actually ? Being a mom actually means more than having given birth to a child.

It is…

  • Carrying and caring for a life which is completely dependant on you for survival.
  • Giving air to the lungs, sight to the eyes, and food to the tum.
  • Sleepless nights and nursing scratches and scrapes.
  • Teaching you to talk, to walk and to eventually run.
  • Seeing you cry and knowing exactly how to fix.
  • Making you learn how to start living which is more important.
  • Supporting your dreams and loving you unconditionally.
  • Letting you go, letting you fail and teaching you how to get back up.


Magical heart

Outstanding beauty

Tremendous teacher

Helpful hand

Extraordinary person

Rich love

Mother is a blessing, a gift, a relationship that never ends and a love that never dies. 

The heart which only knows to care,
not complain.
The heart which only knows to give,
not take! 

Mother’s Day is a day to be celebrated –

Though moms may not like Mother’s Day that much, the people in their lives want to show their love to them. Every day mom’s selflessly cook, clean, nurture, lift, inspire and a myriad of other duties. She exactly knows what you need, and it will be done before you even ask. . The one who gives her everything and expects only your love in return, not your money. Her priceless smile and infinite patience are the main reasons behind every successful family. So, respect your mom and be grateful and shower your love on her everyday, but more on Mother’s Day.

Each human heart has one special corner, which a mother only can fill.!

The replacement for mother’s love can’t be found !

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