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The Wedding Night – Every Girl’s Dream Day

Every Girl’s D-Day

Every Girl has a perfect plan of what her wedding should be like…
There are some specific motivators that help keep a dream wedding the number one fantasy for women. This note may help especially for those women who find themselves actively engaged in the planning stages of a wedding well before their soul mate shows up.

Few reasons why women fantasise about the big day :

Fairy-tale Love

It is very rare to find a woman who hasn’t watched “Cinderella” and dreamed about marrying her prince.
Her first glimpse at the idea of romance is often introduced through fairy-tales when she was very young. These stories teach her one thing: One day, she will meet a man who will rescue her and take her away from where she is, off to a mysterious land that she has never seen but imagines is pretty spectacular. In essence, her happily ever after begins at that point.

The Friendship before Marriage

A lasting Marriage always begins with an enduring friendship because its friendship that lasts forever.
Don’t settle for relationship that won’t let you be yourself. Great marriage is not when perfect couples come together. It is when imperfect couples learns to enjoy their differences.
“I belong to no religion, my religion is love, every heart is my temple” says the love soul…. Let those words last till the end and forever.
A Man who will lead you to God and not to sin is always worth the wait.

She won’t have to wonder IF it will happen….
The toughest part about fantasising about a dream wedding and relationship is embracing the slight chance that it will never happen. Entertaining this idea soon becomes a fear for her, but that fear will be over once her magical day arrives.

Spinster Party

She will get to throw the party of the year.
She will have the most epic girls’ night out with all of her besties.

Every woman appreciates having a friend who will be there when you need a shoulder to cry on, but there’s nothing like standing triumphantly next to your friends when you are on the top of your game.

The night before her big day, she’ll stand arm-in-arm with the women she cherishes most as they spend the evening laughing, joking, dancing and telling stories.

It will be the girls’ night out to end all girls’ nights out because after this night, things will never be the same.

She is graduating to the next level in life.

Queen of the Day

She is treated like Queen honoured; everyone stands and cherishes her and compliments her on her beauty. For one special day, she doesn’t have to be humble and shrink her existence to make room for other women to shine.

Today, she is the complete centre of attention; a brief moment in time when the entire world stops and recognizes her existence and importance.

She believes it signals her “happily ever after”.

Wedding Bells

The D-day has finally arrived. As she looks into the eyes of the one promising to love her forever, standing next to her, she forgets the whole world.

  Those Shining Wedding Outfit, Glamorous Ornaments, Glossy Hair, Giggly Smiles and Magnificent Love in her eyes. She will be the most beautiful, she has ever been.

Her figure will be just right, accentuated by the most beautiful gown ever designed. Her true beauty and radiance finally emerging for the world to admire.

Marriage isn’t just a pair of rings. It’s a vow to trust and always stand by your partner.
It’s like no other day where a huge crowd is gathered just for you and happiness is at the peek when the whole family and friends hits the dance floor to make your wedding more colourful.

Girls note to their parents be like….

Few moments ago, I belonged to you
Now I have a family completely new
You hugged me and wiped my tears
You never looked so weak all these years
I wanted to say let’s go home
But soon realized, I have a new home
I wished I could never leave you today

But tradition is above us all they say !

I wished so much, this day could have come little late
But then, how can I fight my fate
You’d never made me feel this, mom & dad.!

But today, I wish I was not born as a daughter.
It’s like giving up on being a daughter of one house to be the daughter-in-law of another house.!!

Post-Marriage Life

Marriage is a gift from God to us. The quality of our marriage is a gift from us to him. Therefore, what God has joined together, let not man separate.

Her identity was rooted in her own choices, feelings and dreams, but now she will share an identity, essentially representing someone else in all she does. She won’t simply be a Miss; she will become a Mrs. and in her eyes that is a step up in life. She will finally receives a stamp of approval.

Life is all about transition and this transition is one of the most important milestones in our culture. Not only does it signal the end of young adulthood, it also signals a new phase in life from which she can never return.

Heading to New World

Life changes completely. She has to carry the heavy weight of “Mrs” before her name and this weight will be slowly shifting into her life as well.

She is surrounded with love but that doesn’t stop her from missing her family
This is what she really needs from her love…

She wants a marriage, not just a wedding
She wants a family, not just a baby
She want a home, not just a house
She want a future, not just promises

You married the women whom you love….now love the women you married…!!

On her wedding day, she will stand proudly in front of everyone…
On this day,
she will know that she wasn’t as fat as she thought she was,
she wasn’t as weird as she thought she was and
she wasn’t as crazy as she thought she was

She has found her match; someone who isn’t afraid to let everyone know that she is the most beautiful woman in the world. Alas, the rare jewel that she is has finally been discovered and stamped as CHOSEN for the entire world to see.

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