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The Sorry Message – Save Relationship

The sorry message😒

Sorry comes from heart just as a pillar of support for your loved ones to stay strong in the hard times when you disappoint them by your action .😔

My way of feeling sorry…

Right now, I feel bad because i made you so unbelievably sad. Tears of sorrow cross my face as I wish that i could take your place.

I am sorry!

Please forgive me…🙆
-For giving such a pain, 💔
-For making you cry,😥
-For letting you put down your smile😁
-For making you frown🙍
-For not understanding you😓
-For hurting your feelings😯
-For stealing your happiness🙎
-For the belief you kept on me😞 & finally
-For not deserving your love!!💗

You know what….??

Until you tell me that it is okay!!!
          I will suffer every single second,⏰
Until you tell me that it is alright….
          I won’t be able to sleep at night,😴
Until you decide to forgive me……
          I will forever keep saying sorry.!😞

I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings… My mistakes may be the dark clouds☁, but your forgiveness will be the silver lining…⚡ You may think that I don’t deserve forgiveness but please see the depth in my apology.

We know sometimes heart will change its feelings when it is hurt…..but it’s the time you have to make your heart strong.

I am sorry!!

-Don’t hate me…💔
-Don’t ignore to text me…💌
-Don’t feel irritated to call me…📞
-Do not feel annoyed to talk with me…📣
-Don’t treat me as a disturbance…😖
-Don’t treat me like a stranger..😓
-Make me understand what you feel exactly.🙍

A real love just expects a sorry😒 and a smile☺ to get back to normal state and just believe I will set all the mess caused by me straight…!

So, ask sorry for hardening their heart with fights👊, wrong words😷 and actions😐 instead of softening with hugs👫,kisses.😘… friendship👬….and love💑…..!

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