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The Power of Saying Thank You

The Power of Saying ”Thank You”

We often hear the word “Thank You“.

Do you know that it really has magic in it?

Just like sorry, which acts as a shorthand, thank you indicates that you do not take the person granted and an acknowledgement that they really matter…

So, this article will help you to know the W’s and H’s of the mighty word..

Why we say Thank You ?

     We know that some situations require an expression of gratitude. It comes out of us as a simple sign of respect. Saying Thank You acknowledges our dependence on others and most often people need to feel appreciated and loved. The two golden words Thank You that has the power to transform to feel good mood.

When we say Thank You ?

Saying Thank You has the power to make real difference to someone who deserves it. So take a daily thank you walk in all these occurrences,
   – when you’re receiving a compliment.
    – when you’re receiving helpful feedback.
    – when you’re receiving an unfair criticism.
    – Meal time Thank you’s.
    – Thank God for what all you have.

How to say Thank you?

   Saying Thank You is simple. In fact it’s so easy. It’s amazing that so many people get it wrong, or fail to do it at all. Just make sure you include this,

  * Make eye contact (very important if you want to appear sincere)
     * Smile
     * Speak in a clear, friendly voice. Don’t mutter!
     * Be  specific – what exactly are you thanking the person for ?

After all,if you don’t have the chance to express your thanks in person, or if you don’t feel that a verbal thank you is not sufficient, then you can send a thank you note, card or letter. Writing them is not hard and it will make the reader feel so special.

How often do you say Thank you ?

First question yourself. Did I thank enough ?

When you have not taken a moment to thank someone which makes you feel guilty or when you fail to receive a thank you, that inner feel how people neglect to be grateful lingers in your heart. It really annoys people who forget or neglect to thank. So, always remember however small the things, they have done for you, it is always right to thank the people from bottom of your heart.

Thanker & Thankee

“Thank You”  can be an incredibly great pair of words,especially if the person you’re thanking really needs to hear them, or isn’t expecting them. It produces positive emotional state and increases sense of well being for the thanker. And for the Thankee it will create a higher level of self worth and they may feel socially valued.

The Thanks giving Day

   It is traditionally a day for families and friends to get-to-gether for a special meal. It is a time for many people to give thanks for what they have. Western countries celebrate this as a  major festival to thank each other.

Let’s start a Thank Bombing trend as well. We will all just start thanking the hell out of everybody! Who ever does a good deed, helps is in anyway, who we see helping someone else, whatever! Let the Thank Fest begin and make your life better by saying Thank You.

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