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The Lonely Me !

“The lonely  ME”😒

The 1st person i think in the morning and the last person i think in the night is either the cause of my happiness😊 or the cause of pain😒

The worst feeling isn’t being lonely but being forgotten by your love..
Whenever you leave me and go, music is the only friend and my companion…🎶

I have been in lonely life, thinking of beautiful ghost past before you came into my life.💔

I was not afraid of my darkness in my path👣 but now i am afraid of silence😷 where, nothing can save me from my own screaming thoughts.😫

The time i feel absolutely alone, with a sense of being lost, even empty inside, only my screaming sound echoes into my ears🙉, it is then i realize, i have unknowingly moved away from you💃.. The time i go back to remember our old good crispy memories 💏.. then, i will just say to my heart this moment will move on soon.. Keep calm and sleep😴
When i am sleeping~~i am not sad~~ i am not angry~~i am not lonely~~i am nothing~~ i am not me#☺
Again i wake up and will try to be alone without feeling lonely…

  • When i am alone    –       i think
  • When i think.         –       i remember
  • When i remember   –       i feel pain
  • When i feel pain     –       i cry
  • When i cry           –     i just can’t stop it

Then, i say to my heart, please my love never leave me alone#

You always say to be strong 💪 and never feel the pain….but, in reality the strongest people are the ones who feel it, understand it and accept it.. then, i just think of myself..

I am strong..
because, i know my weakness
I am beautiful..
because, i am aware of my flaws
I am fearless..
because, i learnt to recognize the illusion from real
I am wise..
because, i learnt from my mistakes
I am a lover..
because, i have felt hatred

The loneliest moment in my life is when i am watching the whole world fall apart, when you are not beside me, busy in your own world, all i do is stare blankly..then, memories strike my mind..

I am lonely in some horrible deep way and for a flash of an instant i can just see, how lonely and how deep this feeling runs.. The world i live in is empty and cold.. The loneliness cuts me and tortures my soul.
Then, i just remember the time i feel lonely, miseries running in my mind and suffering in the heart is the time i most need to be myself. I just learnt the life’s cruelest irony…😔 !!!

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