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The Do-or-Die Heart

The best feeling is, when love is born by someone and the worst feeling is, when love is killed by the same one !

1.The pain is obvious-

It kills when your love breaks up with you, and it’s natural thing to feel no hope to continue your life. Please give time to settle. Feel how worse it takes you..  The only thing that needs to survive here is your ‘heart’. It aches all day and night thinking about the memories you had.. And, when it realizes that it is a nightmare, it end up with tears. Let it be.. Don’t stop/control any single feeling. ‘The more you cry, the quicker it heals‘.

2.Share it-

The word ‘friend’ is as beautiful as the relationship is. Only a best friend can make you feel better. So, always have a best person by your side. Until you share all your feelings, you cannot come out of it. Staying in romantic pain is like dying every second. So, moving on is damn important.

3.Write what you feel-

Though you are not a very good writer, start writing about your life’s best and worst moments. Recall and take time to bring them all, because this will really help you.

4.Read what you’ve written-

Read carefully what you have written.. List the good and bad things that happened in your life in a separate column. 95% of you definitely get good thing way ahead of bad. Be grateful for that.

5.Be Positive-

Being positive only can hold you tight and make your way stronger. Never look back anytime.. Motivate yourself because self motivation is the best one. While fighting for life, never lose your identity. Always remember, ‘Life Is Beautiful’ and the very purpose of life is ‘living’ . So, stop worrying and start living..

6.Let Time in-

Give chance for time to play its part because for some wound, the only medicine is ‘time’. Then, you will be better than ever, and stronger than ever, too.

7.Live Today-

You cannot change the past but you can live your present. Follow your dream.. Automatically, your future will be in your hand.. Have a Beautiful Life.

Always cherish all the little moments. Live your dream. Be happy Be successful !

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