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Start a Right Business Now – Become a Franchise

Key Steps to Start a Right Business Immediately

First thing is, you need to be more ambitious, self-motivating, smart, innovative, positive intent. Starting a business is easy but growing is difficult because always the ‘beginning is be the hardest’. Do what you are most interested about because it will only gonna help you in long run.

If you do not have any experience, but still want to start a business, then becoming franchise is the best way to learn the business because you cannot face all the loss and be strong since you don’t have any experience.

LISTEN CAREFULLY : Mostly franchise business  don’t get you much loss. You can expect profit from the very first month. But the franchise cost would be more based on the brand value in the market .

Steps to follow…

Step 1 : Look for franchise opportunity.

Step 2 : Become a franchise.

Step 3 : Develop the chain.

Step 4 : Grow together.

From franchise business, you can easily be able to know about the business tricks without much loss. And later, you can start your own business and be very successful.

Leading Franchise Opportunities in India :-

Waays & Solutions – Business Services – Rs. 50K – 2lac

Naturals – Beauty Parlour – Rs. 45lac – 50lac

Green Trends – Beauty Parlour – Rs. 40lac – 45lac

Federal Brands – Limited Fashion – Rs. 20lac – 30lac

Cravings – Food and Beverage – Rs. 30lac – 50lac

International School of DesignEducation – Rs. 5lac – 10lac

The Gate Academy – Education – Rs. 2lac – 5lac

Speed Car Wash – Automotive – Rs. 10lac – 20lac

Express Car Wash – Automotive – Rs. 10lac – 20lac

Water Care Services – Business Services – Rs. 2lac – 5lac

Perich Foods Pvt Ltd. – Food and Beverage – Rs. 20lac – 30lac

Bafel Academy – Education – Rs. 10lac – 20lac

The Poly Kids – Education – Rs. 2lac – 5lac

Zenbi Eventures Pvt Ltd – Retail – Rs. 2lac – 5lac

Siyaram – Dealers & Distributors – Rs. 10lac – 20lac

Shamby’s Pizza Cafe – Food and Beverage – Rs. 5lac – 10lac

LXL Ideas – Education – Rs. 50 K – 2lac

ITA – Education – Rs. 50 K – 2lac

IVS School of Design – Education – Rs. 2lac – 5lac

Oriental Cuisines – Food and Beverage – Rs. 30lac – 50lac

Frontier Biscuit – Food and Beverage – Rs. 5lac – 10lac

Prione Business Services Ltd – Retail – Rs. 2lac – 5lac

Iris Educare – Education – Rs. 5lac – 10lac

G-Spa – Beauty & Health – Rs. 20lac – 30lac

Eurokids – Education – Rs. 10lac – 20lac

RP Corporate – Business Services – Rs. 10lac – 20lac

Some organisation also helping you to start the best franchise that will suit you best personally and financially.

1)Franchise India


3)Franchise Asia

4)Franchise Zing

5)Franchise Mart

6)Franchise Expo


If your wish is to start your own business from the scratch.. READ THIS….

Starting your own business might not get you what you give. It might take lot of  your time to get profit, if you’re starting a big business of your own. It involves planning, investment and some legal activities.

If you are ready to face a huge sum of loss at the beginning to witness the sweetest end, you can do your own (only for big business) . When you’re facing huge loss, you shouldn’t give up in the mid, you need to fight hard, learn much, implement, move smart… ‘The more you struggle, the more you raise up’. ‘Bad times teach you good things’. So, don’t regret it and get along where the life takes you. Read more failure stories and learn from that.. Dream it . Achieve it .

Small business don’t get you much loss. It just help you to live day-day life, not let you grow big. So, as a youngster you need to just do something big in your lifetime. If the problem is finance, start with small, but don’t stay small for long. Make plans to move up each day. Witness your growth day by day. Make everything count..

Here are the basic steps you need to follow before starting a business….

Step 1: Write a Business Plan.

Step 2: Get Business Assistance and Training.

Step 3: Choose a Location.

Step 4: Finance.

Step 5: Determine the Legal Structure of Your Business.

Step 6: Register a Name..

Step 7: Register for State and Local Taxes.

Step 8: Obtain Licenses and Permits.

Step 9: Understand Employer Responsibilities.

Step 10: Find Local Assistance.


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