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Spring – A Season of Joy

Spring – A Season of Joy

It’s the wonderful time of the year when snow finally starts to melt, trees begin to blossom and the streets look lively and green again!

In spring time, love is carried on the breeze. Watch out for flying passion and kisses whizzing by your head.

It marks the “new beginning” of another sleepy year that is waking up from winter. “Spring is nature’s way of saying let’s party“.
Those green grass 🌱, afternoon rain showers 💦, open windows 🏡, cold ice cream 🍧, evening walks🚶, get-together in park 👫, warm sunshine 🌤, pretty flowers 💐 makes the spring time  pleasant to feel in our heart.!❣

Welcome Spring! 💐

The beauty of spring makes us forget our sorrows. Its music thrills our ears. Its beauty pleases our eyes. Its freshness kills our cares.

It’s neither like cold wind of winter nor hot sun of summer. The pleasant mornings, soothing noon, cool and calm evenings and the comfortable nights.

It is the season of activity and opportunity that follows the turbulence of winter. It’s the season for entering the fertile fields of life with seed, knowledge, commitment and determined effort.

It is the promise of spring that as we sow, so shall we also reap. For each cup planted,a bushel reaped. For every good idea given to another, many shall be given to us in return. For every act of love given, a life of love in return.

The leaves we saw fall🍃 and flowers we saw wilt🥀 are now budding into lush,green,picture perfect plants🌳. Aside from the weather’s transformations that occur in the spring season, we are transforming our lives too…

Facts About Spring :

1. Trees, flowers, plants and bulbs begin to grow during the spring. 🌳

2. Severe weather most often occurs during the spring, when warm air begins to move up from the lower latitudes and cold air pushes down from the polar regions. ⛈

3. Animals begin to shed their winter coats for the warmer weather. 🐼

4. Many birds lay their eggs in spring.🦆

5. Crops are planted in the spring. 🌾

Celebrating the Spring Season

1. Many cultures celebrate the return of spring. It often signifies rebirth.

2. In Hinduism, Holi or the festival of colors is being celebrated at the beginning of the spring.

3. In Christianity, spring is marked by Easter which signifies the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

4. Early societies celebrated the changes in the seasons on some of the cardinal dates.

As a whole Spring is seen as a time of growth, renewal of new life being born. Start of better times. So, let’s not pause too long to soak in the aroma of the blossoming flowers, let you awaken to find spring time gone with your seed still in your sack..
A year without a spring is like life without a love“. So, get ready to dwell in the beauty of spring that is to come.🤗

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