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Long Distance Relationship

Long distance relationship is the one which makes ones bond strong and test their depth of love.
We all face this situation atleast once in a lifetime. You may get this experience of longing for someone whom you like the most. when we  miss someone we actually feel lonely and depressed. Let that not be the case,the only thing you have to dwell on this kind of span is hope and trust. Just make your heart strong inside even if mind always think of them and force yourself to be in work or include yourself in your passion that makes you happy.
It’s the time to be independent and time to be yourself. The good old memories stuck in your mind haunts you and will make you laugh unknowingly. Mobile is the only lifeline you can depend on, you wait for their calls and you keep calling them the most.

How to avoid lonely feeling when you miss someone who is not next to you….

1.Make yourself busy with some work

2.spend your time with the people around you

3.Make way to you passion

4.Indulge in social activities

5. Talk to yourself – Start writing personal diaries about your best and worst moments. It’s the best way to talk to yourself

Happiness is within yourself, It’s upto you how you see your life,try to enjoy every small moment. A call or a surprise gift from your loved ones will make you feel that you are always cared. In the same way express your feelings for them by lovvy dovvy talks, creative gifts. Never feel sad about your distance and share your sad moments with your loved ones,make them feel better always.

Long Distance relationship makes you understand every situation in a positive manner. You both will have a strong understanding among yourself. The time you spent with them is the time you treasure the most and will still be waiting it to happen again, the love in your eyes will be taunting your heart when you both will be together.. So, just wait for right moment and trust in your love. After all love with a distance is the one that brings you closer !

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