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Life In IT Industry

Life in IT Industry

“Trust not what inspires other members of society to choose a career. Trust what inspires you”.

No career is good or bad. But it the perception that makes it so. I have seen many people going into the industry with a negative attitude. Well, then this is definitely not for you.
There would be work pressure, peer pressure and many more. I think this is all part of what you would find in any career choice you make.

Here are some professional ethics that has to be followed in IT field to maintain your professional image…

Understanding Your Role :

  •  You may feel like you are doing a fantastic job, but it may differ from your boss. Be sure to always have a good understanding of what is expected.
  • Be a team player and get involved in more areas of the business.
  • Keep up commitments. If you promise something, make sure you deliver on time.

Develop Positive Relationships :

  • It’s easy to think that corporate world is huge and if you damage a relationship with a co-worker, boss or industry – peer it will not affect you.
  • The world is small and it’s getting smaller every day, thanks to the technology. “Good relations are based on trust”.

Language :

  • What you say and how you say it. Your tone of voice, type of humour and when to be casual or formal depends on the setting you are in and whoever is present.

Be healthy :

  • Skipping breakfast, forgetting to have lunch will not help you to stay to your senses during the work hours, working out or doing 30 minutes of physical activity will also give you chance to relax, clear your mind and do your best every day.
  • Don’t forget to sleep – It’s important to make sleeping priority, your body will thank you for it. “Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work”

So, after  knowing the work ethics, next is the phases it will hold…

  1. Honeymoon Phase
  2. Onsite Phase
  3. Equated Monthly Instalment Phase
  4. Who am I ? Phase

1.Honeymoon Phase :

Well, lets start it with the moment you get selected. Fresh out of college, full of enthusiasm and energy. We all were so ecstatic that our life’s purpose is finally fulfilled.
The hierarchy in student life is relatively straightforward. Relationships are mainly student to teacher and student to student. In contrast, very different dynamics are involved in workplace as you interact with many group of people with different frequencies. And those interactions may be strictly professional, social or a mix of both.

  • Large peer group which holds lots of fun.
  • Regular user of coffee machines.
  • Normally assigned the tasks that are lowest in the pecking order.
  • The sweet smell of financial freedom, no more dependency on parents pocket.
  • what you learn (or do not learn) during the first three or five years will determine how far you go and where you go in your career.
  • Double digit percentage annual increments will be common – don’t let this get to your head.
  • You will also learn a lot of non-technical aspects related to the industry

2.Onsite Phase :

With the experience that you have gained, you will be able to hunt for better opportunities. Onsite opportunity will beckon. All the hard work you put in over the years will reflect in a fat pay cheque.
This is ideally the phase where you should start saving for the future, if you have not started saving yet.
This is a critical phase where you will have to take many decisions like whether to stay onsite or return.Whether to switch jobs for better pay or stay in your comfort zone.

3.Equated Monthly Instalment Phase :

This is roughly the time when most people get married and start a family. With that comes the burden of a home loan, a car loan, a personal loan and what not – and with those come associated EMIs.
If you planned your finances well during the first two phases, this will be a far less turbulent time for you.
You would be managing a team at work and would be shouldering bigger responsibilities.
Credit card dues will eat into your salary, if you spend recklessly.
You will be juggling work and life to establish work-life balance.

4.Who am I? Phase :

People start realizing what they really wanted once they start working on something they are not really interested in.

If this was indeed the job that you actually dreamed of, then you are among the lucky few.
The six figure salary that hits the account at the end of every month will make it difficult to quit. The passion to follow your dreams will coerce you to quit.

So, this is how the career of a typical software engineer looks. Some people go through these phases in 15 years of experience, some in 20 or 25 years of experience

This is a broad generalization and there will always be differences in individual experience.

The one question that goes on everyone’s mind!!!!!

Staying this IT industry long, worth????
I have seen people who have gone both ways. People who work for peanuts and people who earns crores.
So, it depends on how you work, how well you work and what you work for. A little bit of luck in the mix and boom, you are going to fly high – like the most professions out there !

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