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How To Spend Weekend After Having Tough Week

How To Spend Weekend After Having Tough Week …

My way of Spending Weekends :-

Everyone has the same answer to the requisite “How was your weekend ? ” question which comes on Monday morning : “Not long enough!”

But there are lots of ways to trick yourself into feeling like you got a long weekend even if it was only a 48-hour affair. Try them all and it might even feel like a mini-get-away!

Give yourself a long(er) weekend. Everyone deserves it… Because it is the beginning of new life for another week ahead. It signals the fresh brand new start.

Some tips to make your weekend seem longer than it actually is…

1) Don’t forget Friday :

Friday – “The golden child of the weekdays, the super hero of the work week, the welcome wagon to the weekend”.

The week is long and exhausting, we get it. But if you’re not planning something fun for your Friday night, you’re missing out on a key weekend extender.

Fun at home :

Life may take you to the unexpected places but love brings you home

Too tired to go out?

-Make it a family movie night in home.

-Give yourself a break and  takeout  have a picnic on the living room floor for dinner and music added to it. Anything to mix up the routine and relax.

-Spend time in the gym,it will invest in your health.

-Spend  time reading a book, it will invest in your knowledge and learning.

-The time you spend with family and friends, is the time you give back to them in investing your relationships.

– Exchange your friends home’s for night. A relaxing night and a combo of karoke music and dance will have a whole new sense of excitement.

These are  the shortcuts for happiness!!!

2) Don’t hit snooze :

Not varying your weekday and your weekend wake-up times by too much helps your body rhythms regulate and gives you more hours in the day. Sure, sleep is important, but losing half a day to snooze-bum status makes your weekend seem supremely short.

3) Plan something fun at outside :

       “Travel until you get lost
An over-scheduled weekend can have the exact opposite effect. So, it’s important to know what amount of activity is right for you and try to stick with it.

-Having something to look forward to have lunch with a friend or time for a quiet walk alone in beach is a huge happiness booster.

-Book for a movie marathon.

-Host a modern scavenger hunt, using the technology

-Make your own kite, then head it to beach to fly it.

– Go on for the places you have never been to.

4) Food Mania :

Weekends count unless you spend them doing something completely pointless

-Have a cookie swap party. Everyone makes a dozen and goes home with a dozen of all different types of cookies.

-Have an ugly cake contest. Have all your friends make desert,and then before you enjoy tasting them,vote on which is the ugliest.

– Try out some new and yummy restaurants in city than going for the same old one.

– No harm in making new dishes. Check out for the new yummy tastes in YouTube and try it.

5) Don’t think about it :

Really need a day between Saturday and Sunday because the next 5 days are the toughest.

 If you’re stressing about what will happen on Monday or how soon Monday is coming then Monday will be here before you know it! And don’t dread Sunday nights either! Use your weekend to be present and live in the moment.

Beautiful tomorrow never comes!! When it comes, it’s already today!!! In the search for beautiful tomorrow, don’t loose your wonderful “today”. Wish you all a happy weekend ahead!!!!! 😀

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