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How to Pursue Your Dream


A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

Do you want to pursue your dream? If you want to do so, have you taken the initiative? Taking the first step is perhaps the most important thing to start your journey. There are a lot of negative vibes that stop you from taking first step.

Here are some which you shouldn’t do..

    You should not wait for the perfect situation to come because your situation will never be perfect. Don’t believe you can start it later because sometimes, later becomes never. Always be like ‘now or never’.
    When you are on your way, don’t wait for any approval. When you are on mission, cut off unwanted/negative things. Just follow your heart and move along with your mind. If you wait until there is a consensus, you will never start.
    You might hear from others like you need to learn completely, before you begin. Actually the thing is, you will learn much more when you do it yourself than waiting. Self-doing allows you to hone your skill much faster than just learning the theory.

The best time to start is now.!

I learned by seeing many success stories and believed when I achieved my dream.  Always remember, If you don’t start now, you can’t start ever .

Here are some ways to pursue your dream..

  1. Believe Your Dream

The first thing you need to do is stop thinking and start believing. It’s the only key to achieve it. And, think whether your dream is worth pursuing for.

  1. Visualize Your Dream

Imagine – how the world will look like when you reach your dream.. Visualizing your dream will motivate you because you can see how world changes to you and how special you will be treated. Feel the success and at the same time never lose your way.

  1. Choose a Hard Way

Never believe you can make it count, just like that. While it is not impossible, achieving your dream is not easy, too. Don’t expect an easy way. Keep motivating yourself. Set your limits, say ‘sky is the limit’. Be ready to face many challenges which you have never imagined ever. Being passionate about your dream is a key to go stronger. Choosing difficult ways from the beginning, help you to reach more height than what you wanted.

  1. Never Panic

When you are few steps away from your dream, you need to be more careful than ever. Be cool head. Never lose the grip. Never be haughty. Keep working hard in silence, let success make the noise.

Live your dream!

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