How to Set and Build Your Goals

Have you ever thought what you want to be doing after 5 years ? Do you know what you want to achieve by the end of the day ?  You need to set goals to achieve. Without goals you lack focus and direction. What goal setting does ? It provides focus. It

The Power of Saying Thank You

The Power of Saying ''Thank You'' We often hear the word "Thank You". Do you know that it really has magic in it? Just like sorry, which acts as a shorthand, thank you indicates that you do not take the person granted and an acknowledgement that they really matter... So, this article will help

A Challenge After Beloved Death – You V Life

THE DAY GOD TOOK YOU HOME Life asked death, "Why do people love me but hate you?" Death responded, "Because you are a beautiful lie and I am a painful truth" Whatever is born must die, whatever grows must decay. These are universal laws. Everything in the physical universe is temporary. When

Life In IT Industry

Life in IT Industry "Trust not what inspires other members of society to choose a career. Trust what inspires you". No career is good or bad. But it the perception that makes it so. I have seen many people going into the industry with a negative attitude. Well, then this is definitely

Who is a Mother

Mother - Heart of the Family Who is a Mother ?  "Unconditional love" In general, a mother is the female parent of a child. But, what mom means actually ? Being a mom actually means more than having given birth to a child. It is... Carrying and caring for a life which is completely dependant

How To Spend Weekend After Having Tough Week

How To Spend Weekend After Having Tough Week ... My way of Spending Weekends :- Everyone has the same answer to the requisite "How was your weekend ? " question which comes on Monday morning : "Not long enough!" But there are lots of ways to trick yourself into feeling like you got a

Spring – A Season of Joy

Spring - A Season of Joy It’s the wonderful time of the year when snow finally starts to melt, trees begin to blossom and the streets look lively and green again! In spring time, love is carried on the breeze. Watch out for flying passion and kisses whizzing by your head. It marks