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A Life of Colors – College Days

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Stepping into a new life where One faces oneself !

Daily morning you get up late🏃,
Exam days are toughest fate📚

The canteen foods you share🍫,
Bunking classes, you never dare🚶

Sudden decisions that you make🙋,
The rare output which is not fake😱

The comments you talk,
the gossips you pass or
the shopping which is never less..!🛍

The semesters eat your night,
The results put you fright.😨

Lots of leisure, lots of pressure,
In the midst, you search for treasure.💎

Suddenly, when you look back,

The poster says “The End”….🔚

The 35040 hours of irresponsible life,
Ended just like 3 hours movie⏰

Now, the steps you walk in the college corridor👣

Failure also looks beautiful,
when you have friends to support you👍
Success also hurts,
when you don’t have friends to celebrate👎
You now don’t remember your syllabus📓
You do remember the time you hanged out with friends👭👬,

Late night studies📖,
Back stage dances💃 and what not!!!!!

On the first day of your college,
You worried, what will you do inside the college?????😟

And the last day of your college,
You wondered, what will you do outside the college???🤔

Great friends are part of memories…
Great memories are part of life.!

Time can never erase those memories when life is blessed with friends…
Friends are the family we choose…!
we came as ‘Strangers’ we stay as ‘Family’👫👫
CollegeIt is the time for little knowledge and big memories💤💤💤

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