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A Life of Love – Friends

Friendship is a type of relationship between two people who care about each other. Friendship is not about how long you know each other, it’s all about how well you know each other. It’s not about the time you spend together, it’s all about the memories you create. A love of life could be found at one sight, whereas a friendship for life is not..That’s the value of Friendship.

Best friends are more than a family and their friendship is more than a relationship. A friend is someone who knows all about you and still be your side. A friend is someone who gives total freedom to be yourself. In life, some bonds once formed and never broken is a real friendship.

There are certain things which we like doing only with our besties..

  • Take tons of selfies together.
  •  Endless laugh about the most  ridiculous things.
  •  Those conversations between best friends which is impossible for other people to understand.
  • No matter whether the movie is good or bad,watching with them and shouting like hell is the best feel ever.
  • Trips to most beautiful and ridiculous places.
  • Unplanned meetings & outings.
  • Those weird nicknames in an endearing way
  • Partners in crime for every action.
  • The endless chat, group study and the mixed feeling when you have the exam next day.
  • Understanding everything through a single word message.
  • No matter how terrible your life is, when you are with your friends, you will be in a world filled with happiness.
  • The dance by your gang friends at back stage are the best entertainment ever.
  • Special days are even more special when you are with your friends.
  • Best friends will pick you up if you fall but only after they finish laughing.

The worst feeling is the day when you realize that the excitement and happiness of  no college/school today has turned into the dejection and sorrow of  no more college/school  from today..
Tears roll down your cheeks whenever you think of your awesome moments with them and you wish it could happen again!!

A note to my friends…
Somewhere along the way, our paths did eventually cross, you found me when I was lost, and brought me back to reality, we laugh and cry together. We fight and then laugh about it 5 minutes later. We’ve shared ups and downs, twists and turns and you know me inside and out, you know my hopes, my dreams, my fears etc.. You people know my weakness yet always reminds me about my strengths. You taught me how to laugh without any reason, but you idiots didn’t teach me how to live without you!
Time doesn’t decide the importance of someone, memories do..And, that is why we are “Best Friends”.

A Life of Love - Friends

Life may give you a number of beautiful friends, but only real friends make your life beautiful.

Thank you friends for making my life beautiful!

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